BuildTech is an innovative start up in the construction and infrastructure sectors that intends to transfer innovative techniques and products to the design and requalification in order to create efficient and comfortable interior and exterior spaces with a positive environmental impact. We believe that design decisions can help to improve the living conditions and the environment in which we live, regardless of the indispensable economic sustainability of what we are designing and realizing.

What we do in 6 points

We are "at the service" of the customer, who can be an architect, an engineer, an entire design team, a public body, a private company, .... Our knowledge and experience can be summarized in the concepts of sustainable and bioclimatic design.

We analyse

the environmental conditions of a site (specific, climate, morphological, energetic)

We study

the typological characteristics of a project or an existing building, neighbourhood and infrastructure

We choose

materials, types of constructions, building elements, system of: HVAC, automation, control and renewable energies

We solve

in short, the complex interdependence between environmental conditions and needs, user needs, project choices and functional/technical needs

We utilise

numerical simulations, partnerships with other experts, research organizations and companies

We offer

innovative services and products for design, requalification of existing buildings, monitoring and management in the construction and infrastructure sectors